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Belgium Fire Department
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What's New

Property Assessment Notices

The Village of Belgium Assessors have completed the Market reevaluation of all properties and have sent out the 2024 Notice of Assessment.  To help residents understand the impact the reevaluation will have on their property taxes we have prepared a tool to calculate an estimate.  You must have access to Excel, Microsoft 365 or Google Sheets to use this tool.  This tool uses the 2023 levy to calculate the tax rates using the 2023 total Village Assessment and the 2024 total Village Assessments (2024 Manufacturing assessments are not currently available so 2023 values have been used).  Using these tax rates you can see what your 2023 taxes were with the old assessment and an estimate of what your 2023 taxes would have been using the new assessment for 2024.


Please note that these numbers do not show what your 2024 taxes will be.  The Tax Levys and equalized values have not yet been determined.  


Click Here to access the tool in Excel or Microsoft 365

Click Here to access the tool in Google Sheets


For more information please contact the Village Treasurer.  If you cannot access the tool online the staff at Village Hall can calculate your estimate for you.

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Municipal Online Portal

The Village has a new Online Portal, HeyGov.

Visit our online portal at or scan the QR Code.

 Through the online portal you can make payments, reserve a park shelter, and send requests to the Village.

NOW AVAILABLE: Recycle Card Renewals

COMING SOON: You will soon be able to submit building permits and complete license applications.

Public Notices



NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the Plan Commission of the Village of Belgium will hold a public hearing on Monday July 22nd at 6:15 P.M., at the Belgium Village Hall, regarding an

application submitted by Buechler Farms LLC, for a Conditional Use Permit to allow for the operation of a slaughterhouse and stockyard at 587 S Royal Avenue.

This property is currently zoned A-I General Agricultural/Holding District. This application is made pursuant to §270-35 of the Village of Belgium Zoning Ordinance, which provides for

slaughterhouse and stockyard operations may be permitted as a conditional use in the A-I General Agricultural/Holding District.

Copies of the application and map of the properties are available for inspection and may be obtained at the Village Hall, 104 Peter Thein Avenue. All interested persons are invited to

attend and be heard.

    DATED: June 5, 2024     Theresa Bartley, Village Clerk

Calendar of Events

The calendar will show any Board or Committee Meetings that have been posted as well as Community Events.  You may click on event listings for more information.

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