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Election Information

Public Office

Public Office

Polling hours are from 

7:00 am-8:00 pm at:

Belgium Village Hall

104 Peter Thein Ave

Belgium, WI 53004

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If you moved to Belgium and would like to avoid delays on Election Day, please register to vote prior to an election.  You may register to vote by mail, in person, or online at  If you choose to register to vote by mail, proof of residency is required (details on acceptable proof of residency can be found in the instructions of the Voter Registration Form). If you register in person, the Clerk or Deputy Clerk must also see your proof of residency. 

Absentee ballots are available approximately three weeks prior to an election.  You may request an absentee ballot by mail, in person, or online at If the request for an absentee ballot is made by mail it must be in the office of the municipal clerk no later than 5pm on the Thursday preceding an election. This is the last day a clerk can mail an Absentee Ballot to an elector. If the request for an absentee ballot is made in person at the clerk's office, it can be made until 5pm on the Friday preceding the election.

Please contact the Village Clerk, Julie Lesar, if you have any election questions or concerns at 262-285-7931 or Click to Email

You can download and complete the required election forms by clicking the links:

EL-131 Voter Registration Form

EL-131 Voter Registration (Spanish)

EL-121 Absentee Ballot Application

The Village of Belgium prides itself on its rich heritage as well as the community efforts to work together in making this a place in which people want to live.  We are a very close community with a desire to constantly improve the quality of life for the residents.  If you would like to become more involved please consider serving in public office as a Village Trustee, Village President or member of the Plan Commission or Zoning Board of Appeals.

The office of Village Trustee offers a great opportunity to serve the community in which you reside and gives you a direct role in helping to implement change to improve your community.  The Belgium Village Board meets on the 2nd Monday of every month and occasionally at other times throughout the year.  Committee meetings are scheduled as needed with the expectation that they will try to meet once a month.  Committee appointments are made by the Village Board, at the recommendation of the Village President, annually in April following the election.


Village Trustees are elected in the spring election for two year terms.  Three seats are up for election every year.  Village President is elected for a two year term in the spring election on odd numbered years.  For more information on running for election to the Board of Trustees or Village President please click the links:

Current Boards & Committees

Village of Belgium Ordinance Chapter 74: Village Board

Write-In Candidate Declaration of Intent to Run

Link to Trustee Candidate Municipal Offices forms

Occasionally seats on the Board of Trustees become vacant mid-term and are then filled by appointment of the village board for the remainder of the term.   

Seats on the Belgium Plan Commission and Zoning Board of Appeals are filled by appointment by the Village Board.  The Plan Commission meets on the 4th Monday of every month and occasionally at other times throughout the year.  The Zoning Board of Appeals meetings are scheduled as needed. 

If you would like to be considered for appointment to the Belgium Plan Commission, Zoning Board of Appeals, or Village Board should a vacancy arise, please email the Village Clerk, Julie Lesar, with your contact information and a brief letter of introduction by

clicking here.  


Village Marshal

The Belgium Village Marshal is appointed by the Board of Trustees and is responsible for the enforcement of many Village Ordinances such as (click the link for the complete chapter):


The Village Marshal is not available 24 hours a day and may not be available for emergency situations.  Please call 911 for emergency help or the Ozaukee County Sheriff's Department at 262-284-7172 for other law violations.  If you would like to report an ordinance violation to the Belgium Village Marshal please call 262-689-7602 or CLICK HERE to complete an online form.

Village Assessor

The Village of Belgium Property Assessor is Catalis.  For more information on Cataliss please click here to access their website.  If you have questions on your tax assessment please contact:

Les Ahrens - Real Estate 

Pamela Feavel - Personal Property

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If you would like more information on the real estate assessment process and your rights as a property owner the Wisconsin Department has provided these publications which you can view or download here:


Guide for Property Owners 

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