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Garbage & Recycling Pickup

Village Recycling Center

Special Village Collection Services

The Village of Belgium provides curbside collection of these items:

  • Branches are collected on Mondays from May through the third Monday in November. 

    • Branches should be placed at the curb with trunks toward the street by 7:00 am.  Pickup Ends at 1:00 pm.  

    • NOTE:  This service is provided for the disposal of windfall branches or branches from tree trimming.  The Village will not chip branches from trees that have been cut down.

  • Leaves are collected on Mondays and Thursdays from the 2nd full week of October through the 2nd week of November.

    • Have leaves racked to the curb by 7:00 am.  Do not mix with grass clippings or they will not be collected!  Pickup ends at 3:00 pm.

  • Christmas Trees are collected on Mondays from the day after Christmas through the last week in January.

    • Have Christmas Trees curbside by 7:00 am on Mondays .  No bags, tinsel, ornaments, or lights can be on the tree to be collected.  Pickup ends at Noon.

The Village of Belgium Recycling Center, located at 620 Park Street, is available for residential waste of village residents only.  Access cards are available for purchase at Village Hall located at 104 Peter Thein Ave are valid for the calendar year.  Only waste generated at the address registered to the access card may be deposited at the recycling center.  The fee for access to the Recycling Center is $40.00 per year.  The fee for a new or replacement card is $10.00. 


If you are not a direct customer of the Village of Belgium Utility (ex: water/sewer is included in your rent), please bring proof of residency with you when you purchase your access card.  You can download and complete the required application by clicking the link:


Recycling Center Agreement

Recycling Center - Rules and Regulations


Scrap Metal, Yard Waste & Household Garbage:


  • All accepted materials disposed of at the Village of Belgium recycling center are to be placed in the dumpster, receptacle or area assigned or designated for each material. 

  • PLEASE CLEAN UP AFTER YOURSELF.  If you spill garbage while dumping into dumpster, there is a broom and shovel available for you to use. 

  • If the dumpster is full, please do NOT dump/place your items next to it on the ground.  Return at a later the day to dump your items.  The dumpster will be emptied as soon as possible.

  • Do NOT dispose of yard waste collection bags, including composting bags, in the dumpster.  You must empty any bags of yard waste.  

  • Do NOT put any branches in the yard waste dumpster.  Branches are to be placed curbside during the chipping season.

Waste Oil:


  • Please empty your waste oil in the designated tank located to the right of the dumpsters.  It is labeled as “Drain Oil”.  There is a large, wide funnel on the top to facilitate dumping of your waste oil.

  • If you do not want to keep your drain oil collection container, dispose of your empty oil container in the blue, 55 gal. drum next to the waste oil tank.

  • If you have a used oil filter to dispose of as well, please place it in the metal, 55 gal drum behind the tank.  There is a hole cut in the top of that drum for filters to fit through.

Prohibited Items:

  • Air Conditioners

  • Humidifiers/De-Humidifiers

  • Mattresses/Box Springs

  • Refrigerators/Freezers

  • Tires/ Shingles

  • Hazardous Waste

  • Anti-Freeze

  • Paints/Thinners

  • Liquids

  • Medications/Medical Supplies

  • Explosive Material/Ammunition

  • Fluorescent Ballast/Bulbs

  • Propane/Gas Containers

  • Concrete/Brick

  • Televisions

  • VCR/DVD/Blue-Ray Players

  • Computers

  • Computer Monitors

  • Computer Printers

  • Computer Scanners

  • Fax Machines

  • Cell Phones

  • Microwaves

  • Car Batteries

Security Camera
The Recycle Center is monitored 24/7, and any violations of the regulations of the center will be thoroughly investigated.  Violators will be subject to a citation(s) as well as charged for additional disposal costs and court costs.  Furthermore, access to the recycle center may be revoked.

Residential garbage and recycling in the Village of Belgium is collected every week in roll-out carts by Waste Management.  Their automated cart collection program is designed to make it easier and safer to handle your waste and recycling. 


Recycling is “single stream”, meaning that you do not need to sort your recyclables – just toss them in your designated recycling bin.  Additional information and a list of acceptable recyclable items can be found by clicking on the link:


Garbage & Recycling Center Information


The Village of Belgium collection day is on Fridays except on holiday weeks. 

Carts should be placed curbside by 7:00 am on the day of collection but NOT before 5:00 pm the evening before.  Both carts should be within 18” of the curb with arrows on lids pointing towards the street and 3’ of space between them.

  • Place carts at least 3’ away from mailboxes, lamp posts, and other fixed objects.

  • Place carts on as level of a surface as possible, but away from low-hanging tree branches.

  • Lids should be closed on carts in order to stop material from spilling or blowing (per §231.3(c), residents must pick-up any trash within 24 hours).


Additional Information

  • The garbage and recycling carts may only be used for their intended purposes.  Any alterations or improvements to the containers will be considered damage to Waste Management’s property beyond normal wear and tear, and will result in a charge directly to the resident for the replacement cost. 

  • Residents who have built a new house in the Village of Belgium must contact the Village Clerk at (262) 285-7931 to arrange for delivery of their garbage and recycling carts when they move in. 

  • Residents who have purchased an existing home in the Village but have a need to change the size of the garbage and recycling carts at the property from the prior owner, must also contact the Village Clerk at (262) 285-7931 for details and possible scheduling of replacement carts.

Curbside Collection


Additional Information

For information on recycling electronics please visit:
Department of Natural Resources E-Cycle Wisconsin

Eyeglass & Flag Recycling
Donate your old eye glasses to the Belgium Lions by dropping them in the collection box at the BP Station, 105 Lakeview Dr.  Flags can be recycled by placing them in the Red Mailbox at the Belgium Legion Hall, 655 Park Street

Hazardous Waste Disposal
For information on disposing of hazardous waste please click the link:
Veolia Household Hazardous Waste Drop Off

Open Burning
For information on Wisconsin Open Burning regulations please visit:
Department of Natural Resources Know Before You Burn

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